Nuisance pests are insects that usually don’t harm people or structures, but are pests because they are unwanted. These creatures usually spend their life outdoors and will only enter buildings by accident or for winter shelter.

Some nuisance pests of interest include spiders, centipedes, silverfish, pillbugs/ sowbugs, earwigs and ground beetles. These pests can be significantly reduced with quarterly treatments.

Nuisance Pest Problem in Kitsap County, WA

Centipedes are flat and long, with one pair of legs on each of up to 100 segments. Centipedes usually live outdoors beneath damp accumulations of leaves, stones, and boards. They occasionally find their way into homes, where they hide in moist basements, damp closets and bathrooms. They eat insects and spiders, and some live as long as six years. Some centipedes are poisonous, but those in our area are considered harmless.

Silverfish are silver insects with three long tails protruding from the end of their abdomen. They damage fabrics and eat dried foods and glue. They can be found all over the home, but especially in warm, moist areas.

Pillbugs and sowbugs are closely related to each other. They are up to ¾ inch long, oval shaped, and composed of many hard overlapping plates with seven pairs of legs. Only pillbugs are able to roll up into a ball. They prefer moist locations so are usually found under objects on damp ground, but often invade basements and first floors of houses. They eat decaying vegetable matter.

Earwigs are dark reddish-brown with large forceps on the end of the abdomen, which look intimidating, but actually pose no threat to humans. They can be found all over homes, particularly in cracks and crevices near or on the ground. Earwigs are active primarily at night and will eat just about anything.

Ground beetles are relatively large, black beetles commonly found under litter and debris around the outside of homes. They also occur in crawl spaces of homes and in basements. They are considered beneficial because they eat other insects, however their size causes alarm in many homeowners when they occasionally enter homes.

Getting Rid of Nuisance Pests

Nuisance pests can be dealt with by a quarterly parameter spray. Routine perimeter treatments can help relieve problems with these pests, especially for those people living in or near the woods. Our quarterly service includes:

  • Protection from wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants
  • Protection against general nuisance pests such as beetles, centipedes, earwigs.
  • Spider and accessible spider webs removal.
  • Treatment of bees, rodents and fleas.
  • Free call-back service between visits if needed.
At just $100 per quarter, our quarterly service package gives you an excellent service at reasonable prices.

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Our service is completely eco-friendly. The products and techniques implemented are 100% non-toxic to humans and pets.

We’re a local, family-owned business who always value our customers and give them the personal attention they deserve. We pride ourselves in serving our local community with excellent service and reasonable prices.

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